Wokingham Auctions

Rare bird display went for a song
Posted On: 13 Oct 2016 by Pascal McNamara


A 19th century menagerie of exotic stuffed birds (some long extinct) caused a flutter at the October 11th Wokingham Town Hall antiques auction selling to a specialist museum in Lyon, France for £2,400. A 9ct gold charm bracelet made £1,400 and a mounted Kruggerand coin on chain sold for £1,300 were other highlights writes Phil Creighton (of The Wokingham Paper on October 21st, 2016).

The Victorian taxidermy under glass dome was consigned by a Bracknell lady downsizing to a smaller property. The exotic South American birds had been in the family for generations and been well cared for judging by their condition.

'Curiously taxidermy has come back into fashion over the past few years, but condition and rarity are the crucial elements that dictate price', according to auctioneer Pascal McNamara of Wokingham Auctions who regularly stage auctions at the town centre venue. 'The fact that two or three of the colourful birds are long extinct and were very well preserved meant three telephone bidders and internet interest pushed the price to £2,400. And it's great to know they will be given a new lease of life in a curated environment'.

The buoyant market at auction for gold and silver items proved the case with a 1974 (1oz) Kruggerand mounted coin on chain selling for £1,300 and a gold charm bracelet making £1,400. Both were consigned by a Binfield couple. A variety of silver cigarette case, mostly Art Deco also featured, some fetching up to £100 reflecting the quality and craftsmanship rather than any new trend for smoking. Many are now used as business card holders that look particularly chic in a leather briefcase or folio.