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Lot 79

An assortment of vintage cameras to include: a Petri Flex 7 automatic SRL camera with accessories, Polaroid Impulse AF, cased Perfectionnée binoculars, a cased Vorsatz Camera Bellows Macro-Photography Attachment and another similar, a cased Praktica MTL 50 and MTL 5 B, both with 1.8/50 lens other lenses, a Praktica MTL 3 camera with 2.8/50 lens, a Praktica Super TL 1000, an Asahi Pentax KM1/1.7 lens, a Pentax Super A with 1/2.8 lens, a Pentax Asahi ME with 1/1.7 lens, a Minolta Hi-Matic E with 1/1.7 lens, three Olympus Trip 35 (3), Agfa Isolette II, Petri FT , Nikon EM -with E 50MM 1.8 LENS and a Agfa Super Silette w. Color-Apotar f/2.8 45mm
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