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Lenses: a Makinon Auto 1/3.3 f=200mm, SOLIGOR AUTO-ZOOM 1:4.5 f=75-260mm, Pressman zoom auto MC 1/5.6 f=80, Clubman zoom auto MC 1/5.6 f=75, Vivitar 70-210mm 1/4.5 Macro zoom, Petri Interchangeable Lens, Osawa Mark II 80mm, Sunagor Telephoto Lens 300mm f5.6, all cased/boxed; SMC Pentax-A zoom 1/4 70-210mm, RMC Tokina 75-260mm 1/4.5, Vivitar macro zoom 28-210mm 1/3.5-5.6, pentax-A zoom 1/3.5-4.5 2880mm, Tamron 70-120mm 1/3.8-4, Vivitar macro zoom 80-2000mm 1/4.5, Hoya HMC macro zoom 35-105mm 1/3.5, Komura f=50mm 1/3.5, etc
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